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Get into contact with your insurance provider.

At All Lines of Iowa Insurance Services Inc., you'll find direct contact with your insurance companies. We know how important it is to make timely payments for auto, home, life, and miscellaneous insurance plans. That's why we have the below numbers listed for your convenience.

Talk to us for any questions related to your payments.

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Allied Group 

Customer Service 1-800-282-2549


Auto Owners

Customer Service  1-800-346-0346


Dallas Mutual

Customer Service 1-800-244-6861


First Marine

Customer Service 1-515-224-6000



Customer Service 1-800-527-3905


Grinnell Mutual

Customer Service 1-800-362-2041


GuideOne Insurance 

Customer Service 1-877-448-4331


Hagerty Classic Car Insurance 

Customer Service 1-877-922-9701


Old Republic Surety 

Customer Service 1-515-221-1000



Customer Service 1-800-888-7764


Safeco Insurance

Customer Service 1-877-566-6001